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Copenhagen on a sunny week

Copenhagen on a sunny week

Copenhagen is a beautiful city—It’s both modern & historical, and urban & natural. And nothing’s better than the summertime. But what is there to do? This is every spot you should hit on a sunny week.

  • Rent a hot tub boat –> at CopenHot – especially for when it’s a little chillier out
  • Go to not-your-typical amusement park – Tivoli! Walk around, go on rides, eat in the food hall. There are also Friday night concerts.
  • Get the photo op at Nyhavn Canal!
  • Try a Danish classic, soft ice! But with a caffeinated twist at Coffee Collective


Also some good things to know:

  • Denmark is part of the EU but doesn’t use the Euro! Just about everywhere takes card though. Also, no need to tip at restaurants.
  • 99% of Danes over the age of 12 speak English at the professional level,so no to stress about a language barrier.
  • Watch out for bikers! And learn the hand signals if you rent a bike.
  • There are no Ubers here. Public transport and biking are your best friends!


Bye from København!

Jill Brady



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