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POV: you're a college kid spring breaking in Tulum

POV: you're a college kid spring breaking in Tulum

After easing some of its Covid-19 restrictions, Tulum has become quite a hot spot travel destination this year...especially among college students. Once we each got vaccinated, there was nothing stopping us from doing the same! Here are some of our recommendations on all things restaurants, activities, and transportation:


  • Taxis
  • rental bikes
  • We got a driver (miss you, Cesar!) and all agreed it was the most worthwhile money we spent. It came out to about $265 USD pp for the whole trip for our 8-person van. A little pricy, but we felt it was the safest option. He was quite literally at our beck and call, even when we would text him asking to pick us up from a party at 4 in the morning. CESAR WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!


  • There were several amazing Airbnb options in Aldea Zama!


  • Definitely go to a cenote or two. I went to Cenote Calavera, but in hindsight I wish I would’ve also gone to Gran Cenote or Suytun! Keep in mind the cenotes open around 9am and I would definitely plan to get there around then because they get really packed later in the day. We got there when it opened and had the entire cenote to ourselves! I believe it came out to about $17 USD - take cash for this. 
  • Shopping on Tulum Beach road
  • Beach clubs!! So many #alameaswimwear opportunities. Find ones with low minimum spends. We liked:
    • Hotelito Azul
    • Papaya Playa Project (also have cool parties at night sometimes)
    • Playa Paraiso
  • Yoga at Azulik’s yoga sanctuary!! This is the perfect excuse to be let into Azulik if you aren't staying there. It was a breathtakingly beautiful hotel. The yoga class the stretchy/relaxing type, but it’s so cool to take a bilingual yoga class in a Tulum sanctuary. 
  • Booze cruise!! Depending on your group's size, definitely look into renting a catamaran for a booze cruise. We rented a catamaran for 50 people and it was so fun!! Open bar, the crew is constantly feeding you drinks, and there’s a slide too. 
  • Ahau Tulum --> famous Daniel popper sculpture people like to take pictures under! It’s right next to this place called Raw Love if you want to go there + get smoothie bowls in one shot. 


  • Mateo’s Mexican Grill: we came here for dinner the first night for a friend's birthday party. Really awesome local spot and had good food/drinks/music. 
  • Burrito Amor: yummy for casual breakfast, dinner, or honestly any meal.
  • Gitano: dinner!! The vibes here were amaaazzziiinnggg. Please order the Gypsy Disco drink.
  • Rosa Negra: dinner!!! Yummy and good vibes.
  • Funky Geisha: if you have to choose one restaurant, CHOOSE THIS ONE. We want our ashes to be scattered at Funky Geisha. Favorite place EVER. Amazing food, amazing music, amazing waiters/service. They gave us amazing crab wontons while we waited and the short rib tacos + spicy tuna roll was incredible. We told them we were celebrating a couple graduations and they brought out a free dessert with sparklers (it was a homemade Swiss cake roll with Oreos...please imagine how happy this made Ani). We danced barefoot on the tables with the waiters and had a blast.

Packing list:

  • #alameaswimwear
  • #alameaswimwear
  • #alameaswimwear

We hope these recommendations are useful! Safe travels :)


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                 Ani Machado
Owner/Designer of Alamea Swimwear

If you are thinking about adventuring to Tulum and have any more questions, don't hesitate to email the team at!

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