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Long Weekend-ing in Port Stephens

Long Weekend-ing in Port Stephens

One of the great things about studying abroad in Sydney is its close proximity to nearby trip destinations. That, and the fact that our school schedules make every weekend a long weekend, make weekend trips our favorite activity. Last weekend, we took a 2-3 hour drive out to Port Stephens. Here’s how it went:

Day 1: Travel Day– We rented two GoGet cars for our big group to get to Port Stephens. I went in the later car so we arrived at around 11:30pm.– Keep in mind whoever volunteers to drive in Australia should be comfortable with driving both on the left side of the road and in the right side of the car!– Since we arrived late, we just watched a movie and went to sleep.

Day 2: Sand Boarding– Some of the group went this morning to do a “dolphin discovery cruise” that seemed fun! Instead, I opted to walk to a nearby beach after breakfast with a couple friends. We did planks and a short but sweaty workout, and then I jumped into the frigid water to cool off in my #alameaswimwear. After that, we tanned a little and headed back to change before the rest of the group got back.– At around 2pm, we got to the sand dunes for sand boarding. Our reservation was supposed to be an hour, but they said we could stay until closing time. 10/10 recommend sand boarding! Beware: sand will get EVERYWHERE. – When we got back, we took showers and had a homemade burger/kebab dinner.

Day 3: ATVs + Camel Ride– This morning, the group and I went ATV riding! It was so much fun and the helmets they gave us to wear all had colorful wigs attached – perfect photo op.– We ate lunch and got back around 3pm but couldn’t rest long because we were going back to the sand dunes for a sunset camel ride!– Turns out we were somehow supposed to get to our camel riding reservation 30 minutes early without having been informed to do so. The people working there were pretty pissed at us, but they ended up letting us ride for 20 minutes at $30AUD. It was then that we found out our hour camel ride would’ve been $80AUD, so this was a blessing in disguise because #collegebudget. – The ride ended up being such a nice time. We went to the ocean and back and had some really awesome photos taken on the camels as the sun began to set. – Once the ride was over, we stayed on the dunes to watch the sun completely set. The wind today was pretty rough, so it looks like the sand in our ears isn’t going away any time soon.– When we got back, the girls went in the hot tub to warm up. We all took showers and had a huge Chinese takeout feast from a restaurant nearby.

Day 4: Travel Day- I didn’t do much this morning besides pack up, because I left in the early car. I feel compelled to let everyone know that I DROVE THE CAR BACK. Also, this drive did not consist of any crashes or injuries. Thank you.


Hope you can all make it to Port Stephens and get as sandy as I did!

Aletha Garnette



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