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Kendall shows us how she "went on holiday" like an Aussie local

Kendall shows us how she "went on holiday" like an Aussie local

While studying abroad in Sydney, Australia for five months, I met so many amazing new friends and people from all over the world. And… you wouldn’t believe it… but I managed to find myself a HUNK of an Australian boyfriend. Like no joke… Aussie accent and all! This brought along the biggest perk of getting to go BACK to Australia just three months after my study abroad finished. This trip was my 21st birthday present so I got to pick out all the fun things I wanted to do. And at the top of that list was to visit the Australia Zoo!

I wanted to go to the famous Irwin family zoo the entire time while in Australia, but I never quite made it up there. I knew this had to be the first stop on my trip. My sweet boyfriend booked us a room along the beach at Alexandra Headland near the Sunshine Coast, and we made the quick 30 minute drive and spent the entire day watching croc shows, holding koalas, and petting kangaroos. It was amazing! I would go back in a heartbeat. And I’m just happy he indulged my inner child even though I was just a few days off turning 21…lol.

We spent the rest of the weekend chilling on the nearby beaches, watching surf competitions and long boarding along the beach all while wearing my #alameaswimwear. (Use my code KENDALL10 for 10% off.. like seriously, do it!) We didn’t have the best beach weather but we still laid out at Maroochydore beach which was significantly less crowded than the typical Sydney beaches I was used to. This made for the perfect beach-date setup! And of course I made my boyfriend snap a few pics of me in my Maria x Yasmin bikini! Best part is that he didn’t even complain and offered to take more! Man, those Aussies are too good right!?!

I loved getting to spend a few days near the Sunshine Coast and would definitely recommend visiting here when you visit Australia! It’s such a different pace from the crowded touristy beaches and the little beach towns were so charming. I’m so set on living in a similar place one day!

After a little getaway up in Queensland, we went down to my boyfriend’s house in Northern New South Wales in a tiny rural town where he grew up. I had it made because I was getting the best tour from a local ;) We spent a day at Byron Bay (which is only an hour drive away) visiting the famous Byron Bay Lighthouse and walking around the cute shops. Absolutely a must see city when visiting Australia. You might even run into a Hemsworth brother if you’re lucky! However, the real hidden gem was just 20 minutes from his house at a place called Hanging Rock Falls. We took a short walk from the car and made it to these beautiful waterfalls in the middle of the woods. Luckily, we were the only ones there and I honestly couldn’t think of a more romantic and fun day! The water was a bit too chilly to jump off the falls into.. so instead we just climbed around the rocks and relaxed. However, he told me about some fun times he spent there with large groups of friends in the summer where they would bring a big speaker and just have a fun day here. So this could also be amazing for big friend groups as well! 

I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to go back to Australia and thought this trip showed me a more relaxed and lowkey side of the same country I had fallen in love with! I would definitely recommend finding some less touristy places to visit on your trip to Australia! You won’t regret it.
Kendall Wheeler

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