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Bonjour from St. Barths!

Bonjour from St. Barths!

This French island is located in the Caribbean–an exciting 40-minute flight on a 16-seater jet or an hour ferry from St. Maarten will take you to this mountainous and beach paradise. You begin your day with a pan au chocolat, a slice of fromage, half of a baguette, or all of the above and then head to the beach or your resort’s pool bar. After partying during the day at Nikki Beach, there is Le Ti, a restaurant that transforms into a burlesque performance at night.

At Le Ti, you enjoy the show until the DJ fires up. Dancing at your table and lingering to others’ tables is insisted until you are brought into the costume shop to dress up and pretend you are one of the performers. Getting around the island is an adventure. With its windy roads, which appear to be one-way roads, make heading to the Nikki beach club somewhat of a daring task. I recommend arranging transportation, especially after two, three, or four glasses of French wine and dancing on your table at Nikki beach…my favorite spot on a Sunday! 

If you’re looking for another dinner spot with the best fresh fish followed by dancing on your table, you must hit the French staple, La Guerite. La Guerite is known for its sea urchin pasta and fresh, exciting sharing style appetizers. With its original location in Cannes, you truly feel like you are in the French Riviera. On Wednesdays, the restaurant turns into a club as the guests dance and fly their napkins in the air. 

During the day, head to Gustavia, the main part of town in the harbor, to shop until you drop (without sales tax!). Check out my favorite boutiques: Wild Child and Poupette St. Barths. Or shop before your day at Nikki Beach because there are three to four amazing boutiques right outside its entrance. All of the clothes in St. Barths are designed and shipped directly from France, unlike anything you see in the U.S. 

Another fun outing is booking lunch at the Le Toiny Hotel. You take a safari-like explorer down a mountain until you arrive to a bare beach. You are served a delicious, five-star lunch underneath picturesque palm trees until you jump into the fresh ocean water. 

My favorite excursion is to take a boat or hike to Le Colombier beach, the most beautiful beach on the island. Make sure to visit your local bakery first and grab a baguette for a picnic! Another excursion is boating (or easily taking a taxi) to Shell Beach, which has the bluest water in all of St Barths. Shell Beach is home to the restaurant and beach club Shellona that serves the most divine tzatziki, crudités, cocktails, and other Mediterranean specialties (think more whole, grilled fish with the head on). 

To end your St Barths journey, I recommend toasting with champagne at the Eden Roc hotel at sunset. Its newly renovated bar is worth checking out. The resort is supported by massive rocks like none other. 

St. Barths is luxurious and so will your tan be after your stay. You will be full of croissants and passion for the French because they really do it best. Saying au revoir to this paradise will be an utmost challenge, however, you never have to say au revoir to your amazing memories! 

Lou Andreeff




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