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Allison's 24 hours in Capri

Allison's 24 hours in Capri

Rather than give you an exact itinerary of all the must-do’s of Capri, #alameabeachbabe Allison gives us major inspo to copy her 24 hour adventure in the beautiful island…

“We started in Naples, where our cruise ship docked at the port. From there we took a cab to the marina where we had booked a private boat to take us to Capri for the day.
The boat took us straight to the Blue Grotto. We got into tiny row boats, where men rowed us into the grotto (where the Little Mermaid supposedly took place!). It was the coolest thing – the entrance is really tiny so everyone had to duck into the rowboat in order to get into the cave. Inside, the cave is pitch black but the water is ELECTRIC blue. It’s absolutely unreal. I slipped out of the row boat into the water to swim for a bit – in my #alameaswimwear of course. It was so cold and super salty but also the coolest thing I’ve ever done!




Once we left the Blue Grotto, our boat took us through the Faraglioni rocks. We stopped the boat again to jump off and swim some more in the Mediterranean. After that, we docked the boat and got to explore Capri.
We wandered the streets and went into tons of shops. Then, we went to lunch…where I had the best meal ever (think pizza, prosciutto, cantaloupe, caprese, calamari, ravioli, seafood linguine, and the list goes on…). Once we walked off the food we got back on the boat and headed back towards Naples to finish our cruise!”

Happy traveling!

Allison Del Castillo



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